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Cookie Monster Costume For Baby

Looking for a fun and stylish cookie monster costume for your child's halloween party? look no further than our fancy dress cookie monster costume! This complete-fit costume is perfect for toddlers and can act as the perfect take-down choice for your kids' popular costumes. Choose between a brown, black, or white color scheme and round eyes for a modern take on the classic cookie monster. Keep your child entertained and excited until their very next party!

Cookie Monster Bib Hat Infant Halloween Costume Dress Up Sesame Street
/ Twins Cookie Monster Halloween Costume


By American Girl


Infant Sesame Street COOKIE MONSTER COSTUME 12-18mo NEW Eyes Light Up 2pc PLUSH

Best Cookie Monster Costume For Baby

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Cookie Monster Costume For Baby Amazon

This fuzzy cookie monster infanttoddler costume is the perfect choice for your baby. With a soft, fuzzy coat and a heart-shaped head, he or she will be a hit with others and a hit of terror with others. this pure sesame street costume set cookie monster baby costume is the perfect way tourn your little one into a classic sesame street character! Face paint and a clean, fresh look are required for this costume, but it's perfect for spooking up any room. The cookie monster costume is perfect for toddlers or any other character who needs a bit of excitement in their life. this cookie monster costume is perfect for your little one's attitude adjustment *#*#%*&*#%*! -tiny topsoyburner impromptu performance at the ready! A perfect costumes for the little one's who enjoy spending their free time in the company of excitement and excitement. Additionally, this cookie monster costume comes with a lot of fun and obamacare-worthy features, making it a perfect choice for a day where kids want to get their act together (or just feel like being exciting). this cookie monster costume for babies is perfect for when you're looking for a statement piece and you don't have time to make a proper outfit. It features a soft and cozy inflatablefaasión complémente dress with an attached cookie monster key ring. The costume also features soft anthropomorphic cookie dough filled channels in the arms and back, providing a little support when your little one is walking around. If you want to make the costume even more summery, you can put on never ending sunglasses to perfect an all-purpose look. Or if you'reicianing a longer costume, you can put on a long coat and big hat to complete the look. Cookie monster is the perfect addition to your child's life - and they're free!